First things first… we’re proud to announce that in an upcoming episode of “Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid,” viewers will get an exclusive look at Stone Oak Wealth Management and how we integrate faith and personal values into our wealth management practices. 

This special segment, which is scheduled to air nationally in Summer 2024, explores how Stone Oak Wealth Management aligns financial advice with biblical principles, offering a rare insight into the fusion of spirituality and financial strategy. 

“Understandably, this was exciting for us at Stone Oak”, Greg Thompson, CFP®, CKA®, Stone Oak Wealth Management President, said. “I’m thrilled that Viewpoint has helped us share Stone Oak’s mission across the country. As a Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA), I’m committed to guiding our clients to grow spiritually through wise financial stewardship.  We not only focus on professional excellence but also deeply care about our clients’ hearts.”

Donnie Laurence, CFP®, CRC®, echoed his enthusiasm. “It was very exciting to be a part of something out of the normal routine. But also humbling, from the standpoint that what I am doing may be meaningful and impactful to a broader audience. Viewpoint was a great experience to showcase that commitment.”

Donnie Laurence on ViewpointViewpoint or no Viewpoint, however, Stone Oak Wealth Management stands out by focusing on guiding clients through a biblical worldview. This approach sets a precedent in the realm of faith-based financial planning, shapes financial strategies, and nurtures a deeper sense of purpose and stewardship among our clients.

But what exactly is Biblically Responsible Investing? And can any Christian do it? Read on to learn more.

Understanding Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI)

Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) is a specialized approach to managing wealth that aligns investment decisions with biblical values and principles. 

Unlike traditional investment strategies that focus primarily on financial returns, BRI emphasizes ethical considerations and the moral impact of investments. 

This approach ensures that investments do not contradict the investor’s faith and beliefs, from avoiding companies that profit from worldly activities toward proactively investing in companies that positively impact the world.

The significance of BRI lies in its dual objective: achieving competitive financial returns while making a positive moral and ethical impact. 

For faith-oriented investors, this means that their financial growth does not come at the cost of their spiritual integrity. By integrating their values with their investment choices, investors can maintain a clean conscience while still aiming for financial prosperity.

However, BRI isn’t just about avoiding harm; it’s about seeking opportunities to do good through one’s investments. This includes supporting companies that are also contributing to societal and environmental well-being. 

At Stone Oak Wealth Management, we use this strategy to help clients invest in ways that reflect their values, fostering a portfolio that is not only profitable but also moral. It’s not just about being Christian and making financial decisions—it’s about making financial decisions that are themselves inherently Christian.

By focusing on BRI, investors can align wealth accumulation with their spiritual life, ensuring that every financial decision supports their broader life goals and values. 

This integration of faith and finance leads to financial success and contributes to a sense of overall life fulfillment and purpose. 

Stone Oak Wealth Management champions this approach, guiding clients through the complexities of financial markets with a clear and conscience-driven path.

The Challenges and Opportunities of Faith-Based Financial Decisions

Let’s take a look at Craig, a 61-year-old rancher contemplating selling a piece of his property. (For privacy reasons, Craig is not real, but his situation reflects the one many of our clients find themselves in.)

client testimonial on ViewpointFor Craig, financial decisions come with significant spiritual and ethical considerations. In this way, Craig is akin to our typical client—facing economic choices and navigating how these choices align with his values. 

He wishes to leave a legacy of stewardship for future generations but grapples with the nuances of BRI, which he may not yet be aware of. This internal conflict highlights a common scenario where financial success and strong moral principles must be balanced against pressing economic needs.

Craig’s situation is emblematic of the broader challenges that faith-based investors face: maintaining their values in the face of financial pressures. For him, the decision to sell part of his property isn’t merely financial; it’s a decision weighed against his desire to be generous and steward all his resources responsibly. 

Stone Oak Wealth Management steps into such scenarios to lead clients like Craig, helping them see that financial pressures do not have to compromise their values. Through faith-based financial counseling, clients are equipped to make decisions that fulfill their economic needs and spiritual convictions, ensuring that their legacy of stewardship is intact.

Stone Oak Wealth Management’s Unique Approach

We distinguish ourselves by offering financial advice based on a strong biblical foundation, showing our dedication to aligning financial advice with biblical truths and principles that we personally also believe in.

Advisors work closely with clients to shift from a “mine” mentality to a stewardship mentality, emphasizing that true wealth management involves wise management of God-given resources. This perspective is critical as it aligns with scriptural teachings that do not separate spiritual from secular life. Every financial plan and investment decision Stone Oak Wealth Management makes is infused with spiritual wisdom, ensuring clients’ financial strategies reflect their deepest values and beliefs.

Furthermore, our approach is characterized by a personalized service that sees the client’s financial success as a part of their spiritual journey. Advisors manage assets while caring for their clients’ spiritual well-being, guiding them to make financial decisions that reinforce their relationship with God. 

This holistic approach to wealth management ensures clients achieve financial contentment and grow spiritually, making Stone Oak Wealth Management a brave pioneer in a field that truly integrates faith with finance.

Preparing for Financial Success with a Biblical Worldview

Incorporating a biblical worldview into financial planning is about more than just aligning investments with ethical standards. It’s about crafting a comprehensive approach to wealth that honors one’s faith through every financial decision

Stone Oak Wealth Management provides essential guidance in this area, offering strategies that help clients integrate their spiritual values with their financial goals.

We at Stone Oak Wealth Management suggest several practical steps for those new to Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) or seeking to deepen their commitment to faith-based financial practices. 

First, it is crucial to conduct a thorough audit of your current investments to ensure they align with biblical values. There are tools available to help you feed your existing portfolio and receive an immediate report of investment alignment.  This might involve reviewing portfolios to exclude businesses that contradict your ethical or religious beliefs or prioritizing companies that uphold practices beneficial to society and the environment.

Second, setting long-term financial goals with a biblical perspective is vital. This means considering how your finances can support charitable giving, community development, and other kingdom-building activities. Stone Oak Wealth Management advises on structuring such goals so that they are not only attainable but also spiritually fulfilling.

Finally, ongoing education and consultation with faith-aligned financial advisors ensure that you remain true to your values as markets and personal circumstances change. Stone Oak Wealth Management encourages regular consultations and participation in our weekly insightful client newsletters, one-to-one Zooms or in-person meetings, providing up-to-date information and strategies that reflect financial insight and spiritual wisdom.

We stand ready to help you manage your wealth and ensure that your financial actions consistently reflect your deepest convictions. By choosing advisors who proactively practice what they preach regarding a biblical worldview, you can be confident that your financial strategies are morally sound and economically effective. This integrated approach promises not just earthly rewards but the peace of mind that comes from true alignment between your faith and your financial practices.

As we showed on Viewpoint, integrating personal values and faith with financial decision-making will become increasingly significant as the financial landscape changes in the coming years, and as market conditions continue to turn from biblical beliefs. We’re here to guide you through the complexities of wealth management with a steadfast commitment to biblical principles—reinforcing the idea that true wealth can be measured in both financial gains and in spiritual enrichment. 

Whether you’re new to Biblically Responsible Investing or looking to deepen your existing strategies, our dedicated advisors are ready to guide you every step of the way. Engage with us, and let’s walk a journey together towards financial wisdom guided by biblical truth.

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